Township Outdoor Rinks Welcome The Region’s Cold Temperatures And Ice Skaters

Who’s up for a white winter wedding? One where all you see for miles is snow, snow and more snow. How romantic! This would be a great wedding idea for anyone who loves the snow and cold. Or, anyone who wants to create a white fantasy.

A night wedding can be nicely decorated with lighting. Icicle lights draped in silk or organza, the color of the brides flowers, will be beautiful. Tables laid with votives or tea-lights can mimic the feel of stars.

I should have heeded my own advice and enjoyed skating with my youngest. Sometimes, the first step is the hardest. Like blogging, I was nervous about how I should go about it, what I should blog about, should it be factual, like Alton Brown?, should it be informational like Trip Advisor?, or should I just be me, and tell my readers what I want them to know. That is pretty much been the journey, sharing my love of food in a factual, informational, and personal sort of way.

A beginner might not fully recognize the distinct type of skate and the fact that they are not interchangeable with other types of skates. Hockey is a rough sport that you must be aware of the risks in. You need skates that can handle being hit. This is the primary reason to have skates formulated to the sport.

The year was 1873 and 15-year-old Chester Greenwood was testing out a pair of ice skating shoes. He was getting frustrated because his ears were so cold. He tried wrapping his head in scarf but it was too bulky and too itchy. So, he took wire and bent it into two round loops, then asked his grandmother to sew fur on them. He connected them with a steel headband and got a patent on his invention — Greenwood’s Champion Ear Protectors.

If you can swing a Thursday outing, it’s back to New Braunfels on Dec. 7 for Wassailfest. During this festival, local merchants open their stores and offer their own versions of wassail, a hot, spiced punch, to visitors. Downtown New Braunfels, decorated with thousands of lights, is the perfect backdrop for the wassail tasting as well as live holiday entertainment.

Relaxing indoors – once you are tired out from all of the above activities, why not curl up on the sofa for a family movie and a nice cup of cocoa? Spending time indoors can be much more rewarding after you’ve been out and about in the snow!

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