Social Media Is A Must For Businesses

I have been doing a lot of research on Twitter lately and have been amazed at how many people are practicing all these different no-nos and expecting to get results. I noticed three main actions that people are taking that are just going to get them unfollowed.

He is one of my favorite tweeps. When I see his tweets, RTs (retweets) or @mentions, I know I’m in for something fun, interesting or inspirational. Then there are those tweeters I dread. I see their tweet and I know it’s coming. Buy this, sign up for that, join this, etc. That pushy 20th century model of advertising is a major turnoff.

Send your articles to all your friends and your Facebook buddies, tweet it on your Kime, Alex Coleman and submit it every social bookmarking site you can think of. The more views your articles receive, the more opportunities you’ll have to make money with AdSense.

A protected Twitter stream requires more intentional, thoughtful curation than does a public one, particularly if you hope to gain followers and build your own brand online. You won’t get many random followers who found you through searches. Instead, you’ll be primarily responsible for finding people to follow and engaging with them so they can decide whether or not to request to follow you back. That’s a Twitter best practice anyway, but it’s mandatory once your Tweets are private.

Fourth, make sure you have a healthy mix when it comes to the type of tweets which you are sending out. You can tweet about your own content, but be sure to mix those in with a healthy mix of conversational tweets and retweets.

Next question: “How will you know when you’ve achieved [whatever they said was most important to them]?” This part of the discussion is really going to help you make sure there’s no confusion when it comes time to present possible solutions. If the prospect tells you at this point that they’ll know they’re getting the lowest price if their current vendor isn’t willing to match or beat it, again, it’s time to start packing your things and thinking of an exit strategy (more on that tomorrow); this situation is clearly headed for a “No”!

And just if we speak specifically to Twitter, youd be surprised at how quickly giant news organizations, like I have a lot of journalists following my Twitter feed and the New York Times, CNN, even Rick Sanchez and others at CNN have Twitter feeds and theyre watching it. And even with Reuters, you know, Biz Stone, the founder of Twitter was interviewed by Roy OConnor and Biz said that Reuters began watching Twitter for trends and found out that it worked really well and the Twitter folks even gave [skip] to the Reuters lab people so that they could use it more effectively. So, its interesting.

Networking events are wonderful. You meet other people in your industry; you make contacts and do business. Twitter is like a networking event. It gives you the opportunity to network with like-minded business people. You can learn from and collaborate with other experts just by following and connecting with them. There are thousands of Twitterers out there in your industry sharing useful content and doing business together; what are you waiting for?

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