Mix Business With Pleasure? There’s A Safe Way

Often, one of the greatest fears in starting a business is whether you will actually make money at it. Questions come to mind like, “Will people buy from me? Will I make money? Will I make sales?” and also “Where will I find customers?” Here are 5 different ways in which you can attract customers for your business.

They grew into the most empowering environment any self-employed professional woman could ask for, and they continue to be an incredible source of growth, comfort, security, brainpower, friendship, fun and so much more.

When I was in NUS, “Personal Financially Planning” was given as a choice only as a Level 4 module. That means one must complete Level 1, 2 and 3 before one could learn that module… I didn’t like it. I learnt it on my own with my mentors outside of the regular school system.

Prior to the founding of the CBOE investors had few choices of where to invest register as self employed their money they could either be long or short individual stocks or they could purchase treasury securities or other bonds. But once the CBOE opened, the listed option industry began, and investors now had a world of investment choices previously unavailable.

I encourage you to truly look at your situation and see if you are hurting financially or if you just think you are because somebody told you you were. If you need more money coming in, try looking for a different or additional job. Yes, jobs are also everywhere you turn around. Let go of your pride and take one at the gas station, fast food chain, or what ever is available that doesn’t violate your morality.

In the later part of the season with fall approaching, the immediacy factor begins to play a role. This is what my real estate friends would describe as an emotional factor with home buying. Regardless of what kind of deal may be just around the corner during cool weather, the interest in buying diminishes.

What could be better than postponing taxes on your future profits and lowering your current taxes at the same time? Well, how about not paying taxes at all? Yes, some retirement accounts allow you to forget about paying taxes on the profits you earn in the account now or when you retire!

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Mix Business With Pleasure? There’s A Safe Way

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