Dealing With Crabgrass In Your Lawn

You don’t have to use chemical herbicides to keep weeds at bay. Here are five options for organic weed killers. The reviews below will help you to find the best organic weed killers for your garden.

An effective mulch choice in gardens tends to be burlap. Burlap mulch can be laid over sheets of newspaper in the pathways of the garden. While this does not look the best, the burlap mulch keeps Olandese growth at bay. Leaf mulch is also quite effective, although leaf mulch tends to blow away. Black plastic mulch yields great results but is quite hard to maintain. Black plastic mulch is difficult to lie down and this mulch tends to blow away. This type of mulch prevents rainwater from seeping though it into the soil. Another downfall to using black plastic mulch is the waste it creates for landfills.

Weather is a factor when determining the mulch that will work best for your vegetable garden. People living in warmer climates should use mulch other than black plastic mulch. Using plastic mulch like his can cause the soil and plants underneath the mulch to overheat, causing organic matter to burn up. Straw mulch or leaf mulch will cool soil in warmer climates. Planting in cool and wet climates requires mulch that will not retain moisture or keep the soil temperature too low. To warm the soil in early spring , use plastic mulch and then switch to mulch that will cool the soil down just a bit in a climate where this permits. Climate and soil type are deciding factors when it comes to a productive vegetable garden.

It causes a biological and chemical change to the soil underneath, which usually makes it impossible for most seeds and seedlings to grow. All of these organic methods are great options; however, they may take more work, cost more, and not be as effective as the usual method of using herbicide.

These will not be as effective at removing, killing, and preventing the weeds, but your other plants will be safe from harsh chemicals. There are quite a few different types of organic herbicides available, mostly at whole foods stores, farmer’s markets, and nurseries.

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