10 Ways To Take Advantage Of Free Traffic To Your Small Business Website

Today I want to discuss a very important topic especially to those that are new to internet marketing. It is the topic of “branding” yourself as an internet marketer. You may have read one of my previous hub pages on advice for an internet marketing “newbie”. This concept of “branding” yourself should be a priority #1 when starting your internet business.

Once you have answered these questions, you will outline three main points. Put together a sentence on each outline point. It will be the starting point for each paragraph. Write three to five sentences to back up those points.

See, the average small business owner puts in 60 to 80 hours a week running their businesses and they don’t have time to master internet marketing. This is what makes them a perfect candidate for your SEO for local business service. They are used to monthly expenses to run their business, so paying you to get them customers online is simply an added expense to them.

I prefer individuals who have a plan of action that you don’t have to spend a ton of additional funds to be successful. Generally, you have a couple of ways to go…the first is to become an affiliate and the second is to have your own personal website and sell a personal item or provide a service.

Next simply Google your keyword or term “with quotation marks around it” and it well tell you how many sites are mentioning that term. Depending on your SEO ability and how many back links you have referring to your article and how relevant your article is to the term will help determine where you will appear in the search engines.

Site promotion is really not that difficult. It just takes a little bit of effort, a little bit of thought, and a fair amount of patience. It is crucial to understand that site promotion is a long-term, low-intensity effort. The #1 mistake people make is rushing! Take your time, slow down, read the articles, think about how they apply to your website, and then proceed.

There’s no denying that you have to be persistent and dedicated if you want to succeed at internet marketing. The moment you lose focus, you’ll lose more than sales. So think out of the box with your Internet marketing venture. All of these tactics will help your business grow, so remember to network whenever you can, send out press releases and join (or start) various online forums. Keep in mind that internet marketing is a business, not a hobby. Finally, you will only receive what you put into your internet marketing efforts, and you also have to take a few risks along the way.

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10 Ways To Take Advantage Of Free Traffic To Your Small Business Website

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